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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7, Captain's Lady III

Glassy calm conditions made our wildlife sightings excellent today!

We began with our first animal just outside the Merrimack River. It was an Ocean Sunfish!! We got a quick look at this huge fish before it got spooked and took off.  Ocean Sunfish are the world's largest species of bony fish. We only see them on a fraction of whale watch trips so today's viewing was particularly special!

Next we found a really nice pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. This was a group of about 50 animals, milling about and then charging around in short bursts. Again the sea conditions were perfect for seeing them underwater as they crossed our bow and along our sides many times!

After hanging with the dolphins, we continued offshore and found a minke whale. This  30-foot whale was a bit elusive at first but then settled down and surfaced nearby a few times. This whale was also quite distinctive with 2 notches in its fin. We are looking forward to scouring our database to see if this whale has been seen before!

Certainly a lovely day of wildlife viewing! Thanks to all who joined us and hope to see you again soon.

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