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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15, Captain's Lady III

After the wind and waves of yesterday, today's calm seas we a much welcomed change. As we headed towards Jeffreys Ledge, our sharp-eyed intern, Allison, spotted a pod of dolphins nearby! We turned around and got some fantastic looks at this curious pod.  Several mom/calf pairs were seen, and the dolphins genuinely seemed interested in us! We normally see Atlantic white sided dolphins on aboug 20-25% of our trips but this year we have only seen them a handful of times.

Dolphins surfing in the wake
Two dolphins- possibly a mom and her yearling
We continued on to find a fin whale that was first reported to us by fishermen early this morning, and then by our friends on the Granite State. To our surprise, this was our good friend, Fjord!
Fin Whale Spout
Fjord was first seen by Blue Ocean Society in 1996, and prior to that had been seen as far back as 1981 by other groups! 
Fjord coming in for a closer look at us!
Fjord's unique fin!

Fjord was hanging around the area allowing us many views. Around Fjord, the fin whale, we spotted 2 minke whales! The minkes were a bit elusive but we finally got a great look at one on our way back! Check out the "minke mittens" on the photo below!
Minke whale- see the white patch on the flipper?
Minke whale
Minke whale
Thanks to all who joined us and supported our mission!

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