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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Atlantic Queen July 16

Another hot day out on the water. We had very little breeze which left passengers with little relief from the heat on land. Luckily despite the hot weather, it was a great day for whale watching. As we were passing the shoals we briefly saw our first minke whale. One of our passengers had a great eye and spotted the whale. This particular minke whale was spending a lot of time under the surface so we decided to press on. And not long after we did we came across another minke whale, and one that was more active at the surface.
Minke whale dorsal fin

Today was a great day for minke whale watching because of the calm water and clear conditions. But after spending some time with this whale we decided to see what else was out at Jeffreys Ledge. It took a great deal of searching, but we certainly lucked out when we saw a spout in the distance!

Pinball's spout

Pinball's fluke

It was Pinball, one of our adoptable whales. Pinball is a female humpback whale and always seems to give passengers great looks! She did not disappoint today!

Pinball being very active at the surface

Pinball's blow holes

I always love seeing Pinball out at Jeffreys Ledge. Hopefully she will be sticking around for the rest of the summer.
Pinball's fluke and poop!

Close up look at Pinball that surprised all of us on board

Pinball going down for a dive
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