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Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27 Atlantic Queen

What a fantastic day on the ocean!  We had both great weather and whales, which hasn't always been the case lately. And even better, the whales weren't too far from home today!

We spent most of our time today with two fin whales - the second-largest species on Earth!  The first whale was identifiable almost immediately - it was Comet, a female who has spent time in this area intermittently over the last few weeks.  Right off the bat, we got an amazing look at Comet as she cruised just off our port side and in front of the boat.

The other whale took awhile. It spent most of its time underwater for about 10 minutes at a time, and only took a few quick breaths when it did come up to the surface.  After some looks, we think it was Dingle - another whale who has been seen this season, although not for some time. We first spotted Dingle in 2003.

Along the way, we also got some nice looks at a smaller baleen whale species - a minke whale, right off the starboard side of the boat!

It was so nice to have familiar whales, calm seas and enthusiastic passengers. Thanks to all who joined us today!

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