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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, Captain's Lady III

As we left the Merrimack River, the fog was getting thicker the farther out we went.  Searching for whales in the fog is more than difficult- it is down right painful. None of the fleet has special electronics that tells us where the whales are. We find them by looking for them, so with only a few hundred feet of visibility at best, fog makes our job pretty tough.  Fortunately, the weather gods cooperated and we found some areas of better visibility/less fog!

Some sharp-eyed passengers spotted our first minke whale! This whale was surfacing for a couple of breaths at a time and not moving too far in between surfacings!

Also in that area we found several species of pelagic birds including northern gannets, great shearwaters and Wilson's storm petrels!!

Northern Gannet
Great Shearwater
We were even treated to a cute harbor seal that popped up near the minke and our boat!!

We continued on and the visibility continued to get better! We found a second minke whales that was awesome- perhaps the best minke we have seen all season!! This whale was taking many breaths before diving and came close to the boat a few times! We could even see the white "minke mittens" as the whale swam by us.
Check out the minke mittens (white patches on the flippers)

It ended up being a really nice day and thanks to all of our curious passengers for making the trip even better!

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