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Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 5 Atlantic Queen

It was a breezy day on the ocean, but we had fairly calm seas. The breezes were certainly welcome!  While it was in the 90's on shore, I was happy to be wearing long sleeves on the boat!

We started off our trip with great looks at a minke whale. At 20-30 feet long, this "small" whale is definitely large as far as most mammals go!

Then we headed over to reports of another whale - a fin whale, the second-largest species on Earth!  This whale was circling the boat constantly, and we got some great looks off the bow and stern.

I didn't get great identification photos of this whale, but presume it is "Dingle," as reported by other nearby whale watch vessels. Dingle is a whale we've been seeing since 2003 and have seen just about every year since then.  Repeated sightings of identified individuals like Dingle give us insights into the behavior and travels of fin whales.

Thanks to all who came aboard and enjoyed part of their holiday week with us!

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