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Saturday, July 6, 2013

july 6 Captains Lady III

We ran 2 trips today and both trip were quite different, we left Newburyport with little wind and very calm seas.  We had quite a few smaller friends on board so to help teach them about the marine environment they were kept busy coming up with  our scavenger hunt and they also got to create there own whale tail!

We also spent time with Dingle the fin whale again today, who gave us some close to boat approaches
Atlantic Whites Sided Dolphin
We got a call about some dolphin in the area and Captain Chris decided to take us a bit further off shore to see these playful,super energetic dolphin, my first sighting of dolphin this summer,and they did not disappoint!  The group was large and very spread out and they continued to jump clear out of the water at times 2 dolphins at a time.

I have to admit I chose to view this spectacular show and enjoy with my own 2 eyes the amazing feats they small toothed whales can do.  All of our passengers were surrounded by dolphin!

Our afternoon trip was filled with minke whales who were being very difficult to keep track of, but as I always say whale watching teaches you patience and it did pay off with some great looks!

One of the many Minke whales we spent time with
 Summer intern Mary collecting data
"Deck Boss Amy" and Alicia helping with the search
Both trips prove how different even a matter of hours can make when you whale watch,it was a perfect day on the water with a cool breeze which we all enjoyed.  Our marine debris data collection was out of control today it seemed like everywhere we looked there was one form or another of debris caused by us humans,balloons were the number one item,plastic bottles,bleach bottles and a lot of rope.  Though balloons are fun to celebrate with please be sure to pop them and please don't release them,this is one of the most dangerous items for all the animals and fish and birds who call the ocean there home.

Thank you to all who spent time with us us today,please come back and see us soon.


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