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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Captains Lady III July 20

Today was an interesting day on the water.  We left Newburyport in sweltering heat all we wanted to do was head off shore for the hopes of a cool breeze.  Not only did we get a cooler breeze we caught the edge of a thunder storm which produced wind,rain and a bit of thunder and lightening.  Luckily when your on a boat we can see these storms on radar and we can do our best to avoid them or move around the quick moving storm all together.

The storm moving in

One of our minke whales
Minke whale heading toward the boat

After the rain and wind passed the sun shone brightly and we spent the remainder of our afternoon with a friendly but unpredictable minke whale.  We did get some close looks and he or she did a great job of  keeping us on our toes as minke whales do.  Thank you to all who joined us today we appreciate your support and it was a pleasure to answer your questions.  Come back and see us again.


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