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Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, Captain's Lady III

Happy Independence Day!!

What a scorcher on land!! It was great to beat the heat offshore! We found an area that seemed to be filled with minke whales today!! At least 4, maybe 5, whales were in a small area near Jeffreys Ledge. At one point, you could see a minke whale in almost every direction! We spent some time with one that seemed to be at the surface a little more than the rest. This one was familiar- I'm pretty sure we've seen it in the past few weeks. Minke whales are not very distinctive, but it is possible to differentiate between individuals based on scars and markings.
You can just barely make out the "mitten" on this minke!
 We headed out a bit further but didn't see much other life offshore so we headed back to visit with the minkes again. This time we got close looks at 2 which were hanging out near each other! We saw our friend from earlier again, along with this beauty-
Minke's pointed nose
Minke whale with small nick in its fin
What a great way to spend a holiday! Thanks to everyone on board who supported Blue Ocean Society! And be sure to check out our website if we didn't have the t-shirt you wanted :)

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