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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17, Captain's Lady III

It was a scorcher on land today! Thankfully the ocean breeze picked up a bit offshore to cool things down a little.

We found a fantastic fin whale and a minke whale today!!  The fin whale was #0282 (hopefully we'll give it a name soon!) and has been seen a few times in the past week. This big one was pretty busy at first but then decided to slow things down a bit and was great! It even surfaced right next to the boat unexpectedly!  We all got nice looks at its unique chevron marking and distinctive white lower jaw.
Fin whale spout
Fin whale #0282's cool chevron marking

Fin whale e#0282
 As we watched the fin whale, we noticed a minke whale in the area too! It seemed this whale was following the fin whale around wherever it went!

As more boats came in to see #0282, we decided to go searching for other whale activity as not to crowd the whale, but ended up right back with #0282 and the minke later on our way home!

Fin whales have been my favorite whale for a long time and #0282 did not disappoint. The more we can learn about these endangered animals, the better we can protect them from harm.

Thanks to our energetic group from the Jump Start camp for all of your enthusiasm and excitement around the whales!

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