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Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18, Captain's Lady III

What a day with the fabulous minke whales!! As we traveled out to Jeffreys Ledge this morning, we kept seeing minke whales along out path! Although minkes are common to see in our area, we seldom see 6+ in one trip! And they were very well behaved, which is not always the case with the wiggly whales.

 At one point, we could follow the minke along underwater as it swam right alongside the boat! Fantastic looks! Check out this pointed nose (the feature based on which they were given their scientific name).
Minke whale's pointed nose
Minke whale with notched dorsal fin
 As the minke whales darted around the boat, we were also working hard to fully document these whales as little is known about them here in the western north Atlantic. How many different minke whales do we see each year? Do the same minkes return to the area annually? How long does a minke whale stay in the area? Where else have these minkes been seen? We are trying to better determine all of this by collecting images of their markings and scars to be able to track their movements over time. 

Thanks to all of our awesome passengers and the camp group from Joppa Flatts! We hope to see you back on another adventure soon!

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