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Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21, Captain's Lady III

What a day out there!! Today was all about quality. We got some pretty amazing looks at a fin whale (2nd largest animal on Earth!) this morning, and then were surprised to find a pod of Common Dolphins (thanks to our friends on the Starfish) in the afternoon! Despite their name, common dolphins are not so common in our area!   We also saw 2 minke whales: one with a dorsal fin, and one without :( Fortunately, we believe the fin-less minke is the same one we've been tracking for 3 years now and seems to be healing very well. It's always remarkable to witness the power of natural healing!

Here are some of our photos from today- Enjoy!

 Comet, the fin whale during the morning trip made us nervous by swimming near fishing gear- a major hazard for a whale, especially since she already has scars from a prior entanglement(s)

Comet's pretty face! You can see her eye, just at the corner of her mouth!

Comet's chevron marking
Comet's unique scars
Comet spouting near Boon Island

 Here are the amazing views of this afternoon's common dolphin sighting! These were the first dolphins I have seen all season! Awesome! We also saw a handful of phalaropes fly by just off the Isles of Shoals!
Common dolphins
Beautiful Common Dolphin
Check out the distinctive hour-glass marking!
Common dolphin bow riding!
 And here is the quick look we got at the fin-less minke whale on our trip back in, just past the Isles of Shoals.
Minke whale- minus its dorsal fin

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