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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, Captain's Lady III

Could it be any calmer today?? (Fans of the TV show Friends should get that reference.) The ocean was like a lake today- a rarity in the Gulf of Maine!

This morning we headed out to the area near Boon Island where we had found some whales yesterday. Fortunately, our friends on the Granite State, who were a little ahead of us, found a fin whale right on our course. We shared the whale for a couple of surfacings before they continued on. At first, the fin whale was being a little wiggly and hard to keep track of. Then she slowed down enough for us to tell that it was Comet again!
Fin whale spout- 20 feet high!
Comet's unique scars

It was like a lake out there! Check out the glassy-calm water!
 Comet was fantastic and the ocean conditions really helped us to fully appreciate her massive size- with the water so calm, we could see underwater pretty well and watched her swim right alongside us several times! I'm always amazed to have such a massive animal right next to us!

Comet picking up speed

Comet's left side
 Our trackline today took us past the Isles of Shoals, and we could see Boon Island, off Cape Neddick, ME, in the distance. This was a most scenic whale watch!

Fin whale rostrum and spout
Thanks to all of our awesome passengers for your curiosity and appreciation of the sighting today! Can't wait to see what's out there tomorrow!

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