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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30 Captains Lady III

Again today we wanted to continue changing it up as far as our final destination.  We headed south again into the southern portion of Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary just off of Cape Ann Massachusetts.  If you follow our sightings you already know the whales are taking advantage all the room they have in The Gulf of Maine (36,000 square miles)  Spending a bit more time traveling south did pay off.  "Nile" was in a frisky mood today breaching 2 times and chin breaching 3 times!  Not something we see everyday!
Nile chin breaching
Nile heading down
Nile's fluke
Nile's unique dorsal fin
Nile was born in 1997,her mom's name is Mars.  She had her first calf in in 1997 who was named Amazon, Aswan was born in 2000,and Playground in 2007. We are not sure if she is pregnant now,only time will tell.  Nile was doing some feeding,most likely on krill which we noticed in her poop she left behind for us.  Really great day of whale watching,great weather,wonderful passengers and Nile the humpback whale who put on a show that I hope no one will forget!  Come on out and see us, life is much bettter on the water!


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