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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, Captain's Lady III

Today was a bit more difficult in the whale searching department. The wind and seas picked up and the skies were overcast testing our whale spotting skills. Luckily, Captain Chris spotted a  blow as we approached the Ledge.

Dingle, the fin whale, was back in the neighborhood! Although he was being a bit elusive, we did manage to see him, and a minke whale, several times!

Fin whale, Dingle
Minke whale
The minke was the same one we saw on June 20, evidenced by a uniquely notched dorsal fin.  Thanks to deckhand Amy for the minke image!

For birds we spotted several Wilson's Storm Petrels, a few Northern Gannets, and these frisky Great Black-backed Gulls!

As the winds continued to increase and the seas began to build, we decided to head for home.  We are staying on the dock tomorrow but hope to back out on the water Wednesday!

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