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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1- Prince of Whales

Lots of minke whales and a couple of awesome feeding fin whales today!

We started our trip with at least 3 minke whales relatively close to shore. The views of these minkes were amazing- especially considering that these whales have the bad reputation of being "difficult" to watch. These animals disproved that! They were wonderful!

Minke whale

In the area with the fin whales were lots of pelagic birds including juvenile and adult northern gannets, Wilson's storm petrels and even a few shearwaters. Folks often don't think to look at the birds as we are awaiting a whale's surfacing but these smaller life forms can be quite fun to observe:
Mature gannet, taking off

As we headed out a bit further, we found a finback whale- this is the same whale we have been seeing in the past few weeks but is new to the area this year. This big guy was seen on yesterday's trip about 6 miles from where we saw it today!
Fin whale speeding up to corral some food

Beautiful chevron pattern

Distinctive dorsal fin of our new fin whale friend

As we were watching our first fin whale feed on swarms of krill near the boat, a second fin whale charged into the area to catch some lunch as well. I'm not sure who this whale is or if it is new to the area, but look at this amazing swirly chevron!

Second fin whale's chevron

As we continued in search of more mammalian life forms further to the east, we came up short and headed home. Thanks to all of our interested passengers and especially thanks to those of you who had questions mid-trip! Congratulations to Sana, our winner of a humpback whale adoption today!

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