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Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 13- Prince of Whales

Sei whales are still in the area! But before we found them, we said hello to a minke whale inshore, and then to our good friend Ladder, the fin whale. Surprisingly, Ladder was alone. He is frequently seen associated with other fin whales.

Fin whale Ladder

As we continued on, a blue shark popped up nearby. We got some quick looks at it before it took off.
Blue Shark fins

A bit further offshore, we saw several sei whales!! Sei whales have been in the area recently, feeding on copepods and krill that are currently abundant. Though sei whales are the fastest species of baleen whale, this unlucky one managed to still get hit by a boat. The scars from a propeller are very visible and deep.
Sei whale with propeller scars

The sei whales were singles, pairs, trios and sometimes in groups of 4! It seemed wherever we looked we saw spouts of more and more of these rare whales.

2 sei whales
Certainly a lovely day for whale watching! Hope you enjoyed the trip!

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