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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday August 14 - Starfish

The passengers on the Starfish got a rare and special treat today, despite the less than stellar weather!

We left the dock in the afternoon and headed out to where our friends on the Atlantic Queen were watching a rather uncooperative fin whale. This finback was taking long dives and was being pretty elusive by the time the Starfish arrived. We were just about to give up hope on being able to spend much time with this finback when we spotted another species of whale!

A sei whale had swum up to save the day! This lone sei spent the next hour and a half swimming near the boat, much to the delight of everyone on board. He was feeding beneath the water, taking short dives and coming back up to the surface to breathe. He also rolled over under the surface too!
While sei whales are typically very rare to our area of the Gulf of Maine, we've been seeing quite a few of them on Jeffrey's Ledge during the last week. We were very lucky to have so much quality time with the sei who put on such a good show for us! Thanks to all who came aboard yesterday, and stuck it out through the rain on the return trip to the dock!
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