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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31- Prince of Whales

Finally back on the water after taking a bit of a break for Irene (tropical storm).

On our way out we found lots of minke whales in close to shore- at least 10 were all around us at various times in about a 2 square-mile area! Awesome! You could look nearly anywhere around the boat and see a minke popping up! Sadly, one of these whales was recently injured and had a very new and fresh wound on its back and has lost its dorsal fin in the process! Luckily, the whale appeared to be doing well and was acting just like the other 9 in the area.

Minke whale

Then we traveled and traveled, passing many cool sea birds in the process. Three species of shearwaters, Wilson's storm petrels, juvenile laughing gulls, northern gannets and the variety of gulls were seemingly endless. We were searching for a group of sei whales that our friends on the Granite State informed us of. Eventually we found them- a nice group of 4 sei whales, who were sometimes alone, sometimes in pairs and once all together!
Three sei whales

Sei whales and a rainbow blow!

Beautiful day overall with very calm seas!

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