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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11- Prince of Whales

Fin whale were close to shore today! We were always in sight of land, which is rare when we normally travel 20+miles offshore to see whales!

See the land, water tower and windmill in the background??

The fin whales were moving around a lot but Captain Ryan did his best to get the boat in the position to give us some great looks!
Nose, blowholes and dorsal fin of a large fin whale

Even the blows from these whales were impressive!
We did identify 2 of our 5+ fin whales. This one is #0615 and has a scar from an entanglement behind its fin.
Also on our way home, we had a surprise when a fin whale popped up near us. This one was #0926, first seen in the area in 2009.
Thanks for visiting us and the whales today!

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