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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1- Starfish

Today was all about the minke whales!

Despite the haze, we had some amazing looks at a pair of minkes on our way out to Jeffrey's Ledge. They flanked either side of our bow and came pretty close to the boat. We were over a big school of bait fish so we were able to witness these small baleen whales diving down to feed!

Shortly after we left those two minkes we suddenly came upon one of the North Atlantic's great predator fish; a blue shark! He stayed close to the boat for several minutes before diving down beneath us. What a special and surprising treat for everyone on board!

We then came upon our friends aboard the Atlantic Queen who were getting some great looks at the ocean's second biggest whale, the finback! Unfortunately for us, we arrived in time to see this fin whale take a few short breaths followed by a long, deep dive. The whale surfaced again twice more, each time taking a few quick breaths and diving back down for several minutes before we decided it was time to move on.

On the way back in to shore we were able to spend almost an hour with a spectacular little minke who was feeding! We got some great looks at this minke from all sides of the boat, but it seemed as if he especially preferred to surface close to our bow and startle the passengers!

All in all, a great day out on the water and I hope everyone enjoyed the amazing views we got of some of the Gulf of Maine's great species!

Lacey Bluemel

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1 comment:

Ryan and Shelley said...

Great whale watch! I couldn't believe that we saw a blue shark! I've been on tons of whale watches and never saw a shark before!