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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 9- Prince of Whales

The rare, elusive Sei Whales were seen in force on Tuesday's trip! Each day amazes me- how things change in so little time. One day we are watching 9 minke whales and a huge fin whale...and then the next day we see 7+ sei whales in the same area, with no fins or minkes to be seen.

Sei whales (sei- from the Norwegian word for pollack), are usually more pelagic- spending most of their time further offshore. But their food (copepods) has been in abundance lately, and like anything else, the whales will follow their food.

The fun part was seeing the difference among the individuals...looks like I will creating Blue Ocean Society's very first sei whale catalog this year!

Sei whales can be solitary or be seen in small groups. Here we see a group of 4 distinct fins, surfacing all together! Beautiful day with some very rare animals!

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