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Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4- Prince of Whales

Fin whale #0402 stole the show today! We found this whale just a few miles off the Merrimack River. 0402 was feeding, surfacing close by while filtering out tons of water with its baleen.

Fin whale #0402 about to blow

Fin whale #0402 charging through some food

How do we know it is #0402? Look for the small circular scar in the front edge of the fin!

More feeding- check out the white lower jaw!

As several minke whales were buzzing about as well, we got some amazing looks at 0402 and its smaller friends but decided to continue on as we were still so close to shore. As we ventured out to where we had a nice trio of fin whales yesterday, our friends on the Atlantic Queen and Starfish told us of a fin whale nearby. We cruised into the area but that whale was being a bit willy-nilly and taking longer dives so we decided to leave the pack and head back in shore to relocate 0402.

As the shore got closer we finally saw the spout of 0402, and a couple more minke whales too. We were running short on time but did get some nice looks as this whale started to travel.

Fin whale 0402 with the coastline in the background.

Beautiful Thursday on the ocean! Thanks to all of our guests from all over the world today!

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