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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30th, Granite State

Today was our first day back out on the water, after Hurricane Irene made her way through the area. We didn't know what to expect for weather and whale activity and we were eager to find out. As we left Rye harbor, light winds and blue skies made for ideal conditions and we decided to head to an Eastern area of Jeffrey's Ledge where we have been having great luck with whale activity over the past month. After a big storm comes through, we never really know how the whales are going to be affected. After all they are constantly moving around in search of food regardless and if the food source gets distributed to different areas, that is where they will end up. In total we had 2 minke whales, 3 blue sharks, and about 60 Atlantic white sided dolphins! With glassy sea conditions, it was ideal for viewing dolphins and we were simply happy to be back out on Jeffrey's Ledge!

The weather is looking great for the next several days and we are looking forward to what tomorrow may have in store!

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