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Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5 - Atlantic Queen

What an awesome day on the Atlantic Queen! The weather was great for whale watching and for being out on the boat. Our first animal of the day was a fin whale, once again. This whale was being fairly cooperative, but sadly had what appears to be a fresh wound on its tail stock. These large creatures may not have any natural predators, but they do face a lot of threats from human activity, such as entanglements and ship strikes. Luckily this whale survived its incident and hopefully will heal just fine.

We then came across some toothed whales - Atlantic white-sided dolphins! We don't see these animals very often, so it's quite surprising that we've seen them on 3 trips this week! This was definitely a nursery pod, with many calves spotted among the group. With the sunny weather and clear water, you could see the dolphins swimming underwater right alongside the boat!

After leaving the dolphins, we found another fin whale in the area. This whale had a vertical notch on its dorsal fin and appears to be whale #0622, first seen on Jeffreys Ledge 5 years ago!

Thanks to all of our great passengers!

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