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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, August 14 on the Atlantic Queen

Trio of Sei Whales!

Lots of sei whales again today!  We saw 8 sei whales, although there were many more blows on the horizon, and also got great looks at 2 different fin whales.

Our first look was at a fin whale, a whale known in our catalog as #9721 - and a whale we first saw in 1997!  This whale was also seen in 2006 and 2010.

The head of fin whale #9721

Fin whale #9721, who has a couple small nicks in its dorsal fin
Then we moved on to some sei whales, and were surrounded!  We spent most of our time with a trio that stayed together, although there were several other whales in the area.  The sei whales were zig-zagging all around, and often came up quickly to the surface, affording us great looks at their head and jawline.

Sei whale and a Wilson's storm-petrel

Two Sei Whales

Sei whale - those white scars may be from lampreys - for more on lampreys and whales, see [this article]
Thanks to all who joined us today!

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