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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2 - Atlantic Queen

For the second day in a row in the Atlantic Queen, we found a great pod of Atlantic White-sided dolphins!

In addition to these toothed whales, we also saw two different species of baleen whales today! There were quite a few minke whales in the area...

We also found two very cooperative fin whales! They were taking relatively short dives and doing a lot of circling, likely indicating that they were feeding.

One of these fin whales had some extensive scarring on its back, which appears to be from previous entanglements in fishing gear. Entanglements are one of the biggest threats to marine life, such as whales, as the animals are often unable to untangle themselves and could end up being severely injured or killed as a result. Luckily this whale survived and gave us some great looks today!

Edit: Dianna just told me that one of our finbacks from today's trip is a whale named Dingle (Bp #0369).

Thanks to all of our great passengers, and Happy 13th Birthday to Lauren!

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