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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Atlantic Queen July 26 2012

Carhu and her 12th calf spent the afternoon with us along with a totoal of 7 minke whales, and 3 fin whales.  Most of the minke's were just beyond the Isles of Shoals and we got some very close looks at them as they raced through the water,
Cardhu and calf
Cardhu's fluke

I was thrilled to see Ollie Fralick and his 3 year old brother on board today.  Ollie has been coming out for the past 3 years helping us educate our passengers and his brother Fin was learning the ropes today also.

Congratulations to Noah who won our raffle today, "Owl" The humpback whale! 

We also had a four legged friend on board today, Juliette, she was very excited and eager to see our whales!

I promised one of our passengers I would list all of Carghu's calves, her grandfather bought her one of our humpback stuffrd animals and she named it Cardu!  So here is the long list of her calves.
Ember 1982
Comma 1985
Slope 1987
Treasure 1991
Venom 1996
Nudibranch 2000
Speedometer 2002
calf in 2008
calf in 2012

Thanks for joining us today!

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