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Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27 Atlantic Queen

The rain cleared for the afternoon trip, and we ended up with great sightings of 4 fin whales!  I'm always amazed how these enormous animals - the 2nd-largest species on Earth - can glide so gracefully in the ocean with hardly a splash.

The fin whales were a bit low-profile today, but I did manage to get a couple good photos of the first whale, who looks like it might be our catalog #0922 - so that is a whale that was first cataloged by Blue Ocean Society in 2009.

At the beginning and end of the trip there were also LOTS of harbor seals around, which is always a fun sight!

Thanks to all our passengers - we had some great questions today!  And thanks again to the folks from One More Referral for joining us - we look forward to scheduling another trip!

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