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Monday, July 9, 2012

July 8 Atlantic Queen

The best trip of the 2012 season by far! We started our exploration out to Jeffreys Ledge, and within 5 miles of shore we had our first minke whale sighting! It's always so exciting to start seeing whales so early in the trip. After spending a little time with this particular whale we decided to continue on in our search for some larger species out on the ledge.

It's a good thing we continued because after another 10 miles or so we came across a very special treat. Pinball and her 6th calf of the season were in the area. This was my first calf sighting of the 2012 season, and it never seems to get old. Mom and calf were doing well, and giving the passengers on the boat quite the performance. We were even able to see the new calf lift its tail up out of the water. Not an easy task for a newly born whale, but what a treat! I'm sure the passengers were able to hear the excitement in my voice.

Not long after seeing Pinball and calf, a third humpback came into the area. At this point we were treated to some very close to boat behaviors by all three of our humpback whales. Some of the surfacings even surprised the crew!

Meanwhile we saw 11 different minke whale sightings. A few times we were able to see the minke mittens--or white patches on the minke pectoral fins--just under the surface of the water. Finally we found Halfmoon a little further to the east.

 This male humpback has been hanging out in the same general area for a few days, and we hope that he sticks around! Thank you to everyone who joined us on the Atlantic Queen yesterday. We had a great trip and hope to see you soon!

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