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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Prince of Whales July 2 & 3

Greetings from The Prince of Whales!  It has been terrific weather off shore, nice breezes and calm seas.  For the past 2 days we have spent time with Minke's and Fin whales!  Seeing the second largest whale in the world and the smallest that visit the gulf is a great way to compare and see size differences.
The Fin whale above is female we have seen the past 2 days.  Sightings include the years of 2006, 08, 10, and 2012.  She was with a calf in 2010.  We also spent time with 7 Minke whales in the past 2 days.  On of our Minke's was "Sockeye" Minke,named by the crew of The Prince of whales.  This Minke has a turned up upper rostrum,not sure what happened to this guy but he/she looks happy and healthey dispite the abnormality.  Congratulations to our raffle winner today Dylan Wade from Boxford who won "Comet" on of our adopt a whales,Dylan said his trip was "epic"

Thank you to all our passengers who joined us from London, Germany and Denmark, and to all of our local folks who spent the afternoon with us.

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