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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Prince of Whales July 11

Yet another fantastic day with whales and mother nature sending perfect summer conditions.  We saw a total of 7minke whales and 4 humpbacks,though we only spent time with 3.
Sedge was one of our humpback whales we spent time with today. Sedge is a male who we first saw in 1988.  Unfortunately he has some major damage to his dorsal fin,perhaps the result of an entanglement.  He seems to be in good health despite the injury.  It is always so sad to seen the damage done to these gentle giants of the sea.
Fluke of Sedge
Sedge is a plant with a triangular stem that grows in wet places.  Sedge was all around us being pretty slow moving.

Boomerang and her new calf

Another day with a mom and calf pair.  Boomerang and her new calf.  I don't think I have seen this mom on the legde before, if so it was many years ago.  These two were a pleasure to spend time with.  The calf who will be named in a couple of years stayed close to its mom doing everything was was.
Boomerangs dorsal fin covered in barnacles
I keep telling our passengers the humpbacks have been difficult to track down in the past 3-4 weeks, but they seem to be coming back to the ledge, how long will they be around?  We don't know,come out soon so you don't miss them!
Congratulations to Christine who is originally from Kansas but now lives in Waltham Ma, who won our raffle today, "Flask"  the male humpback.  Thanks to all who went watching with us!

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