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Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13 Prince of Whales

Ladder was seen again today! But before we found him, we encountered a couple other fin whales that were albeit impressive though less cooperative.

Ladder was fantastic! We "parked" the boat and he surfaced all around us, along with his new minke whale friends.  We'd watch the minke footprints move in a circle and then see not just the minke surface, but also Ladder! It was almost like they were working cooperatively to catch the fish but more likely is that they were both just feeding on the same patch of fish and no cooperation was involved. Still, it was great to see 2 species- one large and one relatively small- in the same area and close to the boat!
Ladder, the fin whale. Note his distinctive "ladder" markings caused by a boat's propeller.

Ladder surfacing- see the white lower jaw?

Ladder's very interesting chevron/blaze markings!
 Beautiful day! Thanks for coming!

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