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Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15 Prince of Whales

Today seemed like Crazy Town on the Prince of Whales. First we found some dolphins (Atlantic white sided dolphins) but not just a few like the 3 prior pods that have been seen this season. We found LOTS of dolphins! The first group was about 20 individuals with lots of mothers and calves. Around this pod were a few more pods totaling at least 65 more dolphins. Their activity was exuberant as they frequently jumped in the air, and surfed in our wake! Fun!  We also saw a minke whale in the area with the dolphins.

Atlantic white sided dolphins

We swore we saw blows of larger whales in the area but we could never get near them. So we continued on to see what else was around.

Not far away, we spotted a couple more blows. At first it was a large, tall blow. Next it was a smaller, round blow. What whales were these that were swimming side by side? Were they humpbacks or finbacks? How about one of each!  As we watched the humpback, named Ebony, and the finback basically coordinate their dives, a minke also popped up and joined the mix!
Fin whale chevron
Fin whale
Humpback Whale, Ebony

Humpback Whale, Ebony
Minke Whale

As I mentioned during the trip, it's not really odd to see all 3 species in the same area but what was odd was the coordination of these whales! Crazy!

When it was time to go, we decided to swing by the dolphins again. The pods seemed to move together and formed a larger group and seemed very active near the boat and in the wake! We even had the added bonus of a majestic tall ship in the background!

Atlantic white sided dolphins with tall ship
 Lovely day on the Ledge! Thanks for joining us!

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