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Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 18 Starfish

What a day out at Jeffreys Ledge! We left the dock with some ominous clouds chasing us in the distance. It wasn't long before we lost this race, and were met with some spectacular lighting and torrential rain. Certainly made for an exciting trip even if the passengers did get a little bit wet. Despite the rain we had some great sightings out on the water yesterday. Our first sighting was a harbor porpoise that was just happily swimming past us on our way out to Jeffreys Ledge. Unfortunately not all the passengers were able to see this animal because it was moving so quickly. Luckily no one had to wait much longer before we saw a minke whale and some large tuna swimming just up ahead.  

 Our first pair of Kohoutek and Valley!

After a few quick looks we decided to press on in search of some humpback whales, and it's a good thing we did. Once we made it out about 20 miles off shore we were met with a whole group of humpback whales. We estimated around 6 or 7 in the area, and decided to spend some time with a pair. 


In the above picture you can see all four humpback whales just bobbing at the surface. In the foreground we have Nile with the hooked dorsal fin, followed by Barb, then our original pair of Kohoutek and Valley. 

Valley's tail (fluke). You can see the large indents, or valleys, on this whales tail.


As a special treat we even were able to see some breaching just off in the distance. Congratulations to Dan Wells and his family for adopting Pinball (one of our adoptable humpback whales). What a special day! Thank you to everyone who joined us! We hope to see you again soon.

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