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Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 18 Atlantic Queen

4 humpbacks together! Nile, Barb, Valley and Kahoutek (flipper-slapping)
Another great day!  We had more humpbacks than I've seen in one trip all season - 10 total, including 4 swimming together - something we hardly ever see! We also had a number of minke whales (4 total), a quick look at a fin whale, and a few Atlantic white-sided dolphins spotted by some passengers and our interns on our way home!

Kahoutek flipper-slapping

We got out to the Ledge and saw a couple whales near  a boat from Gloucester. They mentioned they had seen a couple blows out further, so we headed a bit north and saw two blows - but as we got closer, the blows materialized into 4 whales, all together! These were 4 older whales - Nile, Valley, Kohoutek, and Barb. Then, one of the whales (who turned out to be Kohoutek) started flipper-slapping, giving us great looks at its 1-ton pectoral fin! 
Valley's fluke

Valley doing a tail lob next to Kahoutek, who was flipper-slapping
1/2 of Kahoutek's fluke
After watching these 4 for a bit, we headed out to spend some time with Dross, another humpback whale.


There were others in the distance, and a fin whale, that we got a couple quick looks at.  After some terrific looks at humpback whales (and humpback flippers!) we headed for Rye, only to be waylaid by 2 more humpbacks - Clamp (who was born in 1990) and her calf!  It was a great way to end the trip!
Clamp (right) and calf (left)
Clamp's distinctive fluke

Thanks to all who joined us and braved the weather forecast, only to find ourselves cruising on calm seas and under sunny skies at the end!

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