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Monday, July 9, 2012

Prince of Whales July 9 2012

Grand slam today on the ledge.  We started the day with a small pod of dolphin, only about 4 in the pod, 2 moms and 2 calves.  They were exciting to see but they had other plans, they only gave us a few looks and then they were off.   We continued on our journey and found a humpback whale, Ebony.
One of our dolphin surfing in our wake
Ebony's dorsal with a large scar
Ebony is a female humpback who was first seen in 1980/81.  She had her first calf in 1983.  Since then she has a total of 9 calves!

Ebony's fluke

Our data shows she has not been seen with a calf since 2007.  We also had 4 fin whales and 5 minke whales.  They were all together then they were all gone, searching for some breakfast.

A fin whale demonstrating a "close to boat"
The seas were calm, the breeze kept us cool and the whales were wonderful.  Safe travels to our passengers heading back to Texas and Colorado!  Congratulations to Evan from Waterford CT who won our raffle today, "Stripes"  Each day keeps getting better come on out and see us and some amazing whales!

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