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Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12 Starfish

Absolutely incredible day out at Jeffreys Ledge! In all of the whale watches I have been on since I was a kid and working for the Blue Ocean Society, I have been waiting for the day when I would see a breaching humpback whale. Well folks, today was just that day! We headed out towards the ledge through some rough seas and gusty winds, but it was all worth it. Not far out from the Isles of Shoals we came across Pinball and her calf. These whales have been hanging out in the area for a few days now, and putting on quite the show for passengers on all the whale watch vessels. Today was no exception. For a while mom and calf were doing their normal behavior of coming to the surface to breathe and the occasional tail fluke. Not long, however, did the true show start.

Pinball's calf was very active today. We saw multiple breaches (over 70 throughout the entire trip) including tail breaches, head breaches, and full breaching! I was elated and I think the passengers were too. We just couldn't seem to get enough of the show, and Pinball's calf was happy to perform. We also saw lob tailing, flipper slapping, and back rises from the calf.

Absolutely excellent day out on Jeffreys Ledge! Thank you to everyone who joined us out there, we hope to see you soon!

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