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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31 Atlantic Queen

Incredible day out at Jeffreys Ledge! A first for many of our passengers, and there were even a few firsts for me as well. We headed out towards Jeffreys Ledge in search of some fin whales that we heard were in the area. After a lot of searching all of a sudden we were surrounded by fin whales! It took a little time before we could identify 7 different fin whales in the immediate area with more spouts in the distance. Beyond being surrounded by fin whales (the second largest species on the planet) we were also treated to seeing a fin whale mother calf pair. This was my very first fin whale calf, and I couldn't have been more excited.

We really got a great show from the fin whale mom and calf. A few times they even crossed the bow of our boat. Another fin whale in the area also got a little curious and came directly underneath us!
While we were waiting for our mom calf pair to resurface we also had a visit from a blue shark. Below you can see it's fins peaking out over the water.

After spending lots of time with our mom and calf pair we decid
ed to press on and continue to explore the ledge. In the distance we saw a tail and knew we had a humpback whale in the area. This humpback was actively feeding just below the surface giving us quite a few looks at its tail.

Finally on the way back into Rye Harbor we saw two minke whales. Overall a really great trip! Thank you to everyone who joined us out at Jeffreys Ledge today! Thanks to Robyn and Chris for making the trip all the way from New Zealand. I was so excited to share this experience with you. Happy 8th birthday to Jenna! Hope to see you all again soon.

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Thanks, Abby! I'm going to borrow your photos for our album.