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Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9 Atlantic Queen Trip

Wow, it was a beautiful day on the ocean!

Fin Whale
We had great sightings today - starting with a fin whale, who had a large, hooked dorsal fin.  These huge, graceful animals are my favorite species to watch. But there were lots of other things to see today - there were several minke whales near the fin whale, and we got great looks at one of them, and even got a chance to see the "minke mittens" - the white patches on its flippers!

We then headed further offshore to find Dyad, a female humpback first sighted in 1987. Dyad didn't spend much time at the surface, but we got great looks at her flukes every time she dove down, and were treated to the always interesting sighting of whale poo- a sure sign that she was feeding!

With a little time left, we headed further offshore to find one of my favorite humpbacks - the adoptable whale Pinball and her calf - the sixth calf she has had!
Pinball and Calf
We got great looks at this pair, and toward the end of the trip, the calf even rolled over on its side and we got a look at its flipper!

Pinball's calf''s flipper and fluke
All in all, a terrific day. Thanks to the ladies on board for suggesting we name Pinball's calf Wizard - glad you're thinking, and wish there wasn't already a Wizard so I could suggest it for you!  And thanks also to the girl who asked so many great questions - I'm sorry I didn't get your name, but found an interesting timeline on whale evolution that you can check out here!

Thanks to everyone who joined us today!

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