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Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21 Prince of Whales

Beautiful day for whale watching!

When we say that we never know what we will see from day to day, we really mean it. Every day is different and the past few days have showcased that fact.  If you are following the Prince of Whales' sightings, you will see that two days ago, we saw many humpback whales. Yesterday we were graced by dolphins. Today we found one humpback whale (Patches- a new visitor for the season!) and one minke whale on the morning trip, and a fin whale (Ladder!) on the afternoon trip.

After following along with a very cooperative minke whale for a  bit, we got a call from our friends on the Granite State about a humpback whale nearby. We were short on time but certainly didn't want to pass up the chance to see who this whale was!  As we moved into the area and were waiting for the humpback to resurface, suddenly on the left side of the boat we hear a loud "Psssshhhawwww"! The humpback came up right next to us! Awesome! Though we were a little late getting back to the dock, I think it was well worth it!
Patches, the humpback whale, surfacing close by!
Patches flukes 

Ladder's, the fin whale, chevron markings
 The afternoon trip was filled with lots of searching and finally, Thanks to the cooperation of our team of whale watch boats, we saw Ladder- one of our adoptable fin whales! Ladder was taking long-ish dives (7-10 minues) but eventually we figured out what he was doing and we got some fantastic looks at him as he surfaced nearby, displaying his distinctive scar.
Ladder's unique scar
This is why we love watching whales- every day is a surprise! Where will they be? Who will be there? What will they be doing? Thanks to everyone for spending part of your day with us!

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