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Friday, August 3, 2012

Aug 3 Prince of Whales

Though the morning trip was a bit of a surprise with the swell coming in from the SE, the rocking back and forth put some passengers to sleep, while others may not have appreciated the "gift" from Mother Nature as much. Nonetheless, we managed to find a very nice fin whale thanks to our friends on the Granite State. This fin whale, likely #0931, was surfacing submarine-style; popping up out of nowhere, and then sinking without actually diving.

Even though this whale swam right towards some fishing gear, it managed to steer clear, avoiding a potential entanglement which could have been lethal.

The seas calmed down for the afternoon trip and we were fortunate to find an active pod of 100+ Atlantic white sided dolphins!

These dolphins were quite active on their own- tail slapping like the once shown in the top 2 images above, but also seemingly enjoyed playing in our wake (bottom 2 images).

As we watched the dolphins, a large whale surfaced nearby. This turned out to be Comet, one of our Adoptable fin whales!!  Comet was a bit evasive at first but soon slowed down. Our last view of her was when she surfaced right behind our boat, giving us all a clear view. She was lifting her flukes just barely to the surface repeatedly. Then, just before she dove, she gave us a clear indication of what she had been feeding on- red krill!

In the meantime, a minke whale popped up but soon disappeared, evading a photo opportunity. Certainly a lovely afternoon on the Prince of Whales! Congrats to Miles, our winner of today's raffle- enjoy your adopted whale, Comet!

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