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Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 8 Starfish

Headed out to the southern edge of Jeffreys ledge yesterday because we had some reports of whales in that area. It was strange to be so close to the coast during our trip out the ledge. I always seem to forget that Jeffreys Ledge extends from Cape Ann to Cape Elizabeth (30 miles).
Once we got to the southern edge we found a humpback whale by the name of Bat. Bat is a female whale that was first sighted in 1979. She also has 5 calves, her last being in 2008. This might mean that Bat will have a new calf in the next year or so. Always an exciting event for us whale researchers! Saw some new behaviors from this whale as well. I got to experience my first trumpet blow, and she exhaled just below the surface making the water look like a fountain. It was so cool!
We then decided to move on in the area in search of some other whales. Not long after we started to explore a more southern edge of the ledge we found a fin whale. I believe this was 9709 (the ninth fin whale named in 1997). Beautiful looks at both whales. Thank you to everyone who joined us on board yesterday. We hope to see you soon!

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