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Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 29 Atlantic Queen

3 Female humpbacks - Perseid, Valley and Bat
Fantastic day yesterday, with humpback whales all around!

We started out the trip with Clamp and her calf.  Clamp was born in 1990 and this calf is her 5th.  These two afforded us great looks while they rested, or "logged," on the water surface.  Often, the calf hung out at the surface while Mom rested just below.

Clamp and calf fluking together

Clamp's distinctive fluke
Clamp's calf
We then moved into an area nearby where there were 5 more humpbacks!  We spent our time with a trio, Perseid (a female born in 1998), Valley (a female first seen in 1985) and Bat (a female first seen in 1979). These whales have been together for at least the last few days.  These were a bit more active than Clamp and her calf, and we got great looks at them and their enormous flukes!
Perseid and Bat
There was another pair of whales nearby, and on the way home, we got a quick look at two more humpbacks. One we couldn't identify as we didn't see its flukes well, but the other was one of our adoptable whales, Owl, a female born in 1986. It was a great way to end the trip!

Thanks to everyone who joined us today, and congratulations to Justina, who won our free drawing - enjoy your adoption of Owl!

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