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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prince of Whales August 9

Today was best day of whale watching!!  We started our day with Bat she was in the same area as yesterday showing us her super big body!  We also had 3 minke whales around her.
Dorsal fin of Bat
Dorsal of Hornbill
Today was my first sighting of Hornbill this season, a male first sighted in 1977!  He was not alone he was spending time with "Cajun".  Cajun is a female born in 1998,she had her first calf in 2008 named Vault and another calf in 2010.  These 2 whales came up together several times then separated.  As we were waiting for them both Cajun came up right next to us! 
Cajun getting ready to go right under the boat!
I can count on one hand the number of times a whale has come this close.  She took 3 breathes before going right under us.
Our captain had the engines off as we watched with in amazement this whale come to us!  Days like this are rare but for all of us on board it will be a day we will never forget!

Happy Birthday to Kaylee who had her whole family on board today to celebrate her 9th birthday, they all had home made whale t-shirts on with whale tale necklaces, what a day to celebrate.

Thank you to all who joined us today may the memories you made today stay with you forever! 

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