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Monday, August 20, 2012

Prince of Whales August 20

Some days things just work out to make a perfect day of whale watching!  We had a gorgeous day weather wise,calm sea's, a cool breeze, excited passengers, and a very excited crew, all of these things combined make the work we do so rewarding.
Our first stop was with 3 minke whales who just stayed close by looking at us as we looked at them!
Minke whale
We saw some splashing in the distance,it turned out to be a huge group of  dolphin, perhaps 100-120 in the pod,there were so many and they were all around it was hard to get a definite count.  They were amazing to spend time with.  They were jumping out of the water, bow riding, and surfing in our wake!
Single blow hole from one of our dolphin
Dolphin leaping out of the water
One of our 5 fin whales
The fin whales were outstanding today!  We saw 2, then Captain Billy said there was 3,the 3 turned into 4,then 5!  As we waited for these whales to come up we saw a large green patch next to the boat,it was a fin whale calf!  It circled us on both sides, rolled over showing us its stark white under side,went under the boat and came up on the other side!  I apologize for no photo's of that amazing experience, all of the crew and myself were speechless as we watched this calf spend time with us as he or she waited for mom to return from her feeding.  Those who know me know I am not speechless very often, that sighting took my breath away!

Congratulations to Kristin from Rowley, Ma who won our raffle today, Fjord the fin whale, her comment card said "  The best whale watch ever"  She was right about that!

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