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Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20 Atlantic Queen

One of the two humpbacks we had today
It was a beautiful day on the water, and we had an incredible look at 3 species all in the same area!

We cruised for awhile... and then a whale popped up.  The captain told me he thought he had seen a humpback whale, but then two fin whales, and a minke popped up at the same time!  We got great looks at a fin whale with a distinctive scar - our research coordinator, Dianna, said she thinks this is our catalog #0834 - the 34th fin whale we identified in 2008. This whale was also seen with another fin whale yesterday.

Fin whale #0834?

Fin whale #0834?

After some looks at the fin whale, a humpback did indeed pop up - and it turned into two!  We had a pair of humpbacks, the first I've seen in awhile. We got great looks at the flukes when they dove, and then waited... and waited... after about 9 minutes they popped up again, took several breaths, and then showed us their huge flukes. Amazingly, they both had almost all-black flukes, something I don't recall ever seeing from a pair of humpbacks. We haven't identified these whales yet, but will update this post if we do!

These were not only the first humpbacks I've seen in awhile, but two of the stealthiest humpbacks I've seen - at one point, we saw them surface, and I could barely see them hovering just below the surface for several minutes. We did get several great looks, and also got to see a couple minkes in the area, so it was encouraging to see so much life!

Thanks to everyone who joined us today, and congratulations to Isabella on winning our drawing - enjoy your adoption of Owl!

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