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Monday, August 20, 2012

August 19 Prince of Whales

Two nice trips on a Sunday that finally wasn't windy!

The noon departure brought us seven whales- 4 minkes and 3 fin whales! The minkes were fun and relatively close to shore. Venturing out to the Ledge, we found several blows from fin whales. These whales have been busy lately, moving all over the place. We thought we were watching one whale until we examined our photos and realized we had two different whales, including #9904- a known mother this year!

Fin whale #9904
The sunset trip was beautiful- certainly our best this year! We headed to some of the smaller ledges inside of Jeffreys Ledge and found a pile of minke whales! Everywhere you looked, a minke would pop up! We just sat there, not moving, and watched them surface all around us- many times close by! We could tell the individuals apart by their fins and overall sizes.

We then moved on in search of other whales without any luck so we started to head back as the sun was setting. More minke whales showed up, giving us the perfect opportunity to watch whales with the sunset in the background! Beautiful evening!

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