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Monday, August 13, 2012

Prince of Whales August 13

What a gorgeous summer day we had today. The seas were nice and calm and a slight  breeze kept us cool. We headed to the same area of the ledge we have been going to for several days.  Our first whale of the day was a minke whale.  This whale was not spending a lot of time on the surface but came up close by for a few good looks.
Minke whale

We stayed with our minke and moved on to find Crystal. If your a frequent reader of our blog you know Crystal has been feeding and spending a lot of time on the ledge.

Crystal was spending a good amount of time below searching for food. He blew a bubble cloud indicating some feeding.  Being the summer feeding time for our whales, they are always on the look out for food.  Our last whale of the day was a fin whale.  This fin whale was sleepy and staying down for a really long time,which happens when you  watch whales in there natural habitat.

We also had many birds on our trip today- from shearwaters to phalaropes.

Congratulations to Sarah and Garrity who won our raffle today,"Gillls" the basking shark

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