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Monday, August 6, 2012

Prince of Whales August 6

We had a full boat today with whale watchers and bird watchers which always makes for a fun and interesting trip.  Our first fin whale of the day was traveling and staying down for long dives.  We tried our best to get good looks but this whale wanted no part of it.  When we see these behaviors we never want to interrupt there time searching for food,so we moved on.  After a long time of searching we did find a more cooperative fin whale
Fin whale # 0308"
Plastic bag

The plastic bag above was in the vicinity of a few fin whales which is always  a big concern for us.  Whales can take these bags in when feeding and it can cause them to not be able to feed by getting caught in there intestines.  Dave from The Audubon Society who was looking for birds spotted a Loggerhead turtle and the bags are even more devastating to them as they look like a jellyfish to them.
Fin whale
As we were heading back to Newburyport the expert eyes from Ryan, found us a small pod of dolphin, always a great way to end a long day of whale watching.  We traveled over 28 miles in search of whales, our captain was determined to find us whales and all of his efforts paid off!

Congratulations to Blayke from Topsfield who won our raffle today

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